Getting high on flavoured condoms is a new thing for some youngsters

Getting high on flavoured condoms is a new thing for some youngsters

Please do not ever try this at home...

Pink condoms on white background
Pink condoms on white background/Pexels

Addicts have long been extremely creative, for the lack of a better word, when it comes to finding ways to get their fix. 

But this is by far the most weird and outrageous thing. 

An Indian news outlet recently reported that the youth in India have now been seeking out flavoured condoms as their way of getting intoxicated. 

"When flavoured condoms are soaked in hot water, polyurethane from the condoms is released, resulting in a cocktail that can give off a high that lasts for 10 to 12 hours at a time, Vice reported." (Business Insider)

According to a polyurethane website, it is a plastic substance that can be found in everyday materials, such as building insulation, car parts, and adhesive. 

As much as this may sound like an extremity, it is what addicts succumb to when they have a mental illness that they are not ready to deal with. It is why addressing mental health in all communities is so important. 

Condoms are said to contain aromatic compounds that are also found in dendrites glue, hence we hear of drug addicts sniffing glue. 

"Drinking this water can cause intoxication and addiction. If consumed repeatedly, it will negatively impact the lungs and kidneys, as well as harm the body's nervous system," Joydeep Ghosh, an internal medicine expert at Fortis Hospital, Kolkata, told Vice." (Business Insider)

Of course, any sort of intoxication is not without its causes, but to hear that the youth are succumbing to this, is anything but good. 

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These trends spread like wildfire and with the long term effects including "mental abnormalities, including violent behaviour, unconsciousness, and [in certain cases] even death," it is something we have to be on the look out for with our own community. (Business Insider)

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or need help, contact the 24-hour substance abuse helpline 0800 12  1314 or SMS to 32312.

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