Freddie Mercury's leather shorts sell for R413k

Freddie Mercury's leather shorts sell for R413k

Even though the shorts didn't leave much to the imagination, they were a made for him...

Freddie Mercury's leather shorts
Freddie Mercury's leather shorts/Instagram Screenshot/@BBCNews/@freddiemercuryclub

As you all know, Vic Naidoo is the leading man when it comes to shorts. His brand, Bombass, is the shizniz of stylish shorts and we think it would've been a hit with the late Freddie Mercury. 

A man who dared to dare in a time when people were more about the hush-hush of society. 

News of his belongings going on auction was exciting for some. Especially with the fans and collectors eyeing out for his iconic leather shorts. 

If you were a fan you would remember him wearing the 'tiny', 'in your face' shorty shorts at several shows. Namely a 1980 show in Birmingham, UK, "to try to shock the audience".

"He also wore them during a show in Toronto while on the shoulders of a man dressed as Darth Vader. Now the 28in (71cm) waist shorts have been sold for an "incredible" sale price, according to Omega Auctions." (Instagram)

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In the biography, Gunn and co-author Jim Jenkins wrote that Mercury "decided to try to shock the audience with his stage outfit for the encore: the shortest, tightest pair of black leather shorts he could find".

They said the garment "didn't leave much to the imagination, but no one complained". (BBC News)

The auction house placed an estimate on the shorts to sell at £8,000 (R184,000) but, of course, they were very happy with the £18,000 (R413,000) that it sold for. 

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