Flight passenger ordered a vegan meal and was served a banana

Flight passenger ordered a vegan meal and was served a banana

That is extremely disappointing, considering the amount of vegan eaters that travel...

A banana on a serving tray
A banana on a serving tray/Facebook/@mandy.lender.3

Traveling as a vegan eater has notoriously been a tricky affair. 

But we would think that with the revolutionary way people are now experimenting with food, it wouldn't be such an issue anymore?

Clearly, it still is. This after we heard about Japan Airlines serving up a dud of a meal as a vegan option. 

"A business-class passenger aboard a Japan Airlines flight said it was insulting when he was served just a single banana for one of his in-flight vegan meals. While he was served his single banana, other passengers were given seared tuna with a Moroccan-style eggplant salad, cheese with orange salsa, and a baguette." (Citizen)

This is outrageous! We assumed that airlines were moving forward with the times, but we guess that's not it at all!

The passenger, Kris Chari, told the publication: "It’s a bit insulting to be served a single banana while others are given a far more substantial and flavourful menu." 

The banana was served as his breakfast meal and Japan Airlines is said to have apologised for "not meeting expectations". 

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“When she served the banana after take-off, I thought it was just an underwhelming appetiser, but it was in fact the entire meal service,” said Chari. (Citizen)

Chari also shared that he was given chopsticks to eat his banana, which he called a "really good banana". 

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