FEELS: The cashier undercharges you - what you do next says everything about you...

FEELS: You are undercharged - what you do next says everything about you...

The Tweeps are at it again...

FEELS: The cashier undercharges you...What you do next says everything about you...

Paying bills can be stressful and it's not something that we ever aspire to think about. But the truth is that it's part of life and we do what we can to be respectful the best we can. 

A woman tweeted about how she went to pay for her student fees. The cashier charged her R790 instead of R7,900. So she posted about it and shared that she went back to pay the rest. 

Of course, it came across as if she was implying that by going back to pay the correct amount, she was doing the 'right' thing.

But, as usual, tweeps came for her on Twitter. Many said that it was not like she did a great thing because, ultimately, if she had not gone back, then the balance would've still been on her student account. 

Check out what some of the comments said below. Courtesy of Twitter.

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So, ultimately, it's all about the point of view. Sometimes it's not always about doing something honest for others, it's about doing it for yourself. Perhaps that's what happened here. 

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