A family celebrates 73 years at the Tongaat Daily Market

A family celebrates 73 years at the Tongaat Daily Market

As not just a market, but a place that has seen them through so much, a family celebrates 73 years at the Tongaat Daily Market. 

The Tongaat Market

We are well aware of the rich history and culture that spans most parts of KwaZulu-Natal. A piece of history that holds so many different stories and memories for many KZNers. 

One of those historic and architectural wonders has got to be the Cape Dutch façade building that houses the Tongaat Daily Market, which is situated in the town of Tongaat, north of Durban. 

"The Tongaat-Hulett headquarters at Amanzimyama, Maidstone village and clubhouse and of the market building – are all national monuments," reports North Coast Courier.

The history doesn't just extend to the buildings though, for many traders this market is their source of income. In particular, the Narain Family, who have been practicing as vendors at the Tongaat Daily Market since its inception in 1948. 

Thara Narain and her son spoke to the North Coast Courier and shared that they have been trading since the market first opened in 1948. The family also shared that it was through their income at the market that they were able to fund their children's education at university level.  

Sanjay Narain, who sits as a vice chair on the committee of the Tongaat Daily Market, is a fourth generation Narain. He shared with the North Coast Courier that he wants to continue the legacy of his family at the market. 

Thara has been at the market from day one and she shares that she speaks fluent Zulu and Xhosa and starts her work day off at 4am. She first assisted her Rajpathy at her stall when the market first opened. Then in 1977 she decided to open up her own stall.

The market operates from Mondays to Fridays from 7am to 5pm, except Wednesdays when it closes at 2pm. Saturdays from 7.30am to 3.30pm. It is definitely a cultural experience and is also included as one of the tour spots for visitors. 

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