Local legends The Parlotones have released a Christmas album!

EXCLUSIVE: Local legends The Parlotones have released a Christmas album!

"We're hoping to bring some light-hearted tongue-in-cheek feel-good vibes to what has been a pretty heavy year for everyone by spreading some festive cheer" - Kahn Morbee, lead singer for The Parlotones.

The Parlotones
The Parlotones

The Parlotones are one of the most iconic South African bands and have been bringing their unique musical stylings to our ears for over a decade.

They are a household name locally but they have also gained a following all across the world.

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They have released nine studio albums, numerous music videos, and even a handful of live/compilation albums.

But now they're adding their Parlotones-touch to some well-known festive hits!

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Introducing The Parlotones Christmas album 'Strike The Harp'!

Combining a bunch of classic Christmas songs and a few original songs, they are hoping to bring some much-needed joy to a year that wasn't all too joyous.

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Apparently, lead-singer Kahn had a festive album on his mind for quite some time, and the lockdown gave the band the perfect opportunity to work on this dream.

Vic Naidoo not only got a chance to chat to Kahn about this exciting new musical endeavour, he also got the first exclusive play of their brand new Christmas tune!

You can also check out the music videos for the first two singles right here:

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