#ECRTattoosVIC: Vic and Zoe’s matching tattoo revealed

#ECRTattoosVIC: Vic and Zoe’s matching tattoo revealed

The East Coast Radio jock got a tattoo live onair to mark joining the station.

Zoe and Vic

It was a day to remember in the East Coast Radio studio as Vic Naidoo and listener Zoe marked a milestone moment.

After thousands of your votes via the East Coast Radio website, the moment of truth finally came.

You voted for Vic and Zoe to get matching tattoos of a radio.

Appropriate considering that Vic is celebrating his milestone of moving to the station.

But more than the tattoo, Vic and Zoe also have something else in common, they both are ne to Durban and now have a lasting memory to remember the milestone with.

Watch the moment when Vic and Zoe learned what they would be getting tattooed. 

It wasn’t all confetti and balloons however as Vic and Zoe had a bit of a hard time deciding where to get their tattoos.

They both finally agreed that the forearm was the best place and would not hurt as much as other parts of the body.

Zoe went first to get her ink done. 

Zoe #ECRTattoosVic
Zoe 2 #ECRTattoosVic

A nervous Vic then had to keep up his end of the deal by getting the matching stereo.

And well let’s just say there were more than a few screams. Watch the hilarious moment here. 

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