ECR's Top 5: Fun random facts you need to know...

ECR's Top 5: Fun random facts you need to know...

Number three left us really wondering about some people...

photo of the number five on a red plate
photo of the number five on a red plate/Pexels Website

We wanted to share something fun and lighthearted with you today.

So, we did a mix mash of some fun facts that we retrieved from Odd Danny on Instagram

It’s been said that some of his facts are not quite accurate by a few commenters. But if there is one thing we admire, it has got to be someone’s confidence.

And Odd Danny reigns in that department.

The one we really found interesting was to hear that around 50,000 people have alien insurance policies.

We researched this and it seems there is such a thing as Alien Abduction Cover! So if ever you are abducted by an alien, you are covered!

Rain is said to actually not have a smell. 

The smell that many people say they love is actually the smell of oils and bacteria that is activated by the rain.

For five years, Webster's Dictionary contained a word that didn't exist, 'Dord'...

Hot water weighs more than cold water. It's got something to do with the energy of hot water being more.

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We love this one because it is a challenge now to laugh more. 

Adults laugh about 50 times a day, whilst babies laugh around 300 times a day...

We hope that you can use some of these fun facts to start a conversation this weekend.

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