LISTEN: We asked ECR Presenters and KZN for their go-to comfort songs and this is what they said

East Coast Radio Presenters and KZN listeners share their most uplifting songs

We take a look at songs that help uplift us and keep us going during times such as these...

East Coast Radio Presenters and KZN listeners share their most uplifting songs
East Coast Radio

Music is something that connects all of us. It is the main thing that links us with our listeners and it is the way we communicate with each other. It is that one thing that brings people together and it definitely is that driving force during times that we need upliftment. 

We decided to share some of the songs that are most uplifting for some of our East Coast Radio presenters. Some songs just leave us feeling positive and ready to take on anything. And we can surely agree that we all need some of that kind of energy right now. 

We asked Carol Ofori what song got her feeling uplifted and without hesitation she said, Andra Day - 'Rise Up'. 

When it comes uplifting music, everyone resonates with those songs that hold special meaning to them. Music can do that, it can change your mood, it can inspire and it can motivate, most of all it can unite, and that is what we want to inspire right now, more than ever. 

When it comes to some songs that have been requested by you, KZN, we found this one extra fitting for what we are all going through. Thank you to Pravitha Munilal for sharing this with us - Peace In Our Land (courtesy of YouTube).

Stacey Norman shared that the entire Celine Dion 'Falling Into You' album does it for her...

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