DISCOVERED: A third of people only wash their bedsheets annually...

DISCOVERED: A third of people only wash their bedding annually...

In a survey conducted by a furniture company, called Hammonds, it was revealed that only 30% of a group of 2,000 people washed their bedding. 

DISCOVERED: A third of people only wash their bedsheets annually...
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Not that this needs to be communicated (as it should be common knowledge) but shouldn't cleanliness be at the forefront of, well, everything?

Washing your bedding once a year is horrendous and could lead to an array of infections, skin conditions like acne, spots and other skin issues, says, Dr. Aragona Giuseppe, a GP and Medical Advisor at Prescription Doctor (from LAD Bible).

In an article in Women's Health, Dr. Philip M. Tierno (Clinical Professor of microbiology and pathology) said, 

"The second—and I mean, the second—you crawl into your sheets, you’re littering them with skin cells (50 million a day!), sweat, makeup, lotions, hair, and anything else you’ve picked up throughout the day, from pollen and pet dander to fungal mold and dirt particles." 

Even further to washing our bedding often, what's more, important is not making your bed first thing in the morning, yes, you read right, the early life lesson of making your bed in the morning should be avoided, as per Mrs. D, a popular cleaning expert on Instagram

Mrs. D advises that we let our beds breathe and air out, she says that there is a common misconception to only air out our beds during Summer, but it's just as important to do so in Winter. 

"So, by making your bed first thing every morning you are trapping all that damp air and helping dusts mites/bed bugs breed (sounds horrible, but it's true)." Mrs. D.

Now there's something to think about...

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