#ElectionDay: Discounts on Uber rides to and from voting centres this Election Day

Discounts on Uber rides to and from voting centres this Election Day

Will you be exercising your right to vote this Election Day?

#ElectionDay: Discounts on Uber rides to and from voting centres this Election Day
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There are many ways of looking at the world. Not all of them coincide and we guess that is the beauty of diversity. It is silly to expect that we all have the same opinion, in fact what a world it would be if we all thought the same...

We would rather not think of it. So like any great diverse nation, there is a time where we are expected and granted a chance to express our vote. Our personal choice of who we want to be aligned with when it comes to our communities.

Whether or not you are happy or unhappy with the way things have gone in your community since the last election, by not exercising your vote, you are giving away a piece of your voice. 

And that in itself is an irresponsible choice. How can you expect there to be change and upliftment if you do not exercise your right to vote? We are not trying to advocate for any political party, but merely to advocate for the right that you have been given as a South African. 

Uber is a brand that is trying to promote this mindset as they recently announced that they will be offering discounted rates to their passengers on Election Day. The catch is your discount is only applicable to and from voting centres around South Africa. 

"Leading e-hailing firm, Uber, is encouraging all eligible South Africans to exercise their constitutional responsibility to cast their vote in the upcoming municipal elections. For its part, Uber will be discounting rides to and from voting stations on the day." (Business Insider)

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In partnership with the IEC, Uber will be offering voters a R35 discount each way, provided their locations start or end at a voting station. 

"To access these discounted rides on 1 November, users need to select the “wallet” category in the Uber app. In this category, riders will find the “promotions” function and, upon selection, will be prompted to “add a promo code”. Entering the code VOTESA21 will give the user R35 off two rides to and from their voting station. Voters can find their stations via the IEC website. Uber’s terms and conditions of the promotion note that the “offer applies to the first 5,000 users of the Uber App who apply and redeem the promotional code.” (Business Insider)

The COVID-19 vaccination programme has also partnered with the IEC and will have several pop-up vaccine stations at selected voting centres. Uber has also offered their services to healthcare workers, with transporting them to these voting slash vaccine sites. 

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