Did this woman's reliance on Google Translate ruin her daughter's reputation at school?

Did this woman's reliance on Google Translate ruin her daughter's reputation at school?

What is the real meaning of 'Vleis Stokkies'? 

Woman lying on daughters bed
Woman lying on daughters bed/TikTok Screenshot/@cindypoluta

We cannot say that we are the type to take things found on the world wide web as the all seeing truth.

Especially when it comes to using services such as Google Translate. 

Of course, the youth of today are more reliant on the internet when it comes to fulfilling their homework, so we cannot say we blame them for using a resource they believe to be reputable. 

We are not saying that Google Translate isn't reputable, but we do believe it to be an online resource that is meant to provide an overall understanding. 

Perhaps not the precise meaning of words...

This mother bravely took to TikTok sharing her experience with the service when it came to helping her 11-year-old with her Afrikaans homework. 

They are not an Afrikaans-speaking family and so turned to Google Translate to help with a prepared speech piece for school on the topic, which happened to be food from Namibia, specifically meat skewers...

As she goes on to explain, asking Afrikaans speakers for help, they found the word for meat skewers online, and it was in fact "Vleis Stokkies".

But things took a turn for the worse when she went to work and relayed the story to a colleague, who informed her that this word was in fact a slang word for a man's genitalia..

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WATCH the video below, we promise it is entertaining...

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@cindypoluta Am I being lied to?!?!? #tiktoksouthafrica #afrikaans #motherhood #secondlanguage #slang ♬ original sound - CindyPoluta

The comments revealed that her dear work friend Frankie was in fact right...

Shock and horror for the little girl who will be traumatised if she were to find out.

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