Dear Dad: Vic opens up about his absent father

Dear Dad: Vic opens up about his absent father

The East Coast Radio host reflected on what he would say if he had a chance to him how his absence affected his life. 

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Listen to Vic’s emotional moment as he addresses his father on air. 

When Vic’s parents divorced when he was an infant it was the last time his father saw him.

For the sixteen years that followed he believed that his stepdad was his father.

Vic opened up about the moment he found out about this and the impact of knowing that his father had moved on and started a new family without him. 

Vic's dad has never tried to contact him and they have never had a connection. 

Naidoo also opened up about the trauma of not knowing his half-siblings and how his move to Durban was an attempt at finding closure for that. 

According to Vic he wanted to reflect on this to let East Coasters who are without their dads, know that they're not alone. 

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