Dead man walking... literally! Robbers try to cash in on a pension

Dead man walking... literally! Robbers try to cash in on a pension

Some people will do anything for some moola...

Dead man walking literally! Robbers try to cash in on his pension...
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There are some crazy stories we have heard when it comes to criminals trying their luck at just about anything to get a buck or two. But this one made us think of those scumbags from 'Home Alone', you know the ones who tried to rob Kevin's' home...

Now those guys were something else, but we have found some thieves who have taken the cake when it comes to absurd and idiotic crimes. Perhaps this was their audition for the Irish version of 'America's Dumbest Criminals'?  

"Two men propped up a corpse and brought it into a post office in Carlow, Ireland, in an attempt to collect the dead man's pension, according to Irish media reports." (Business Insider)

Something didn't smell right, and we mean literally. The post office staff became suspicious when one of the criminals had come in alone to collect the deceased's pension. After being told that the pension recipient needed to be present, he returned... 

This time with another man and the deceased pensioner. Like, seriously? A woman who resides close to the post office said that her daughter saw the two men carry the corpse into the building. 

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The criminals fled the scene and left the man's body behind. It would've been something if they did in fact get away with it! Luckily, post office personnel are always on the top of their game.

What's the craziest story you have heard about a crime? 

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