Care to apply to become the Chief UNO Player and earn R5k/hour?

Care to apply to become the Chief UNO Player and earn R5k/hour?

Sounds like a good deal to us...

People playing uno card game
People playing uno card game/Pexels/@Yan Krukau

If you fancy yourself a great UNO player, then perhaps you need to pay attention to this job offer... 

Toy company Mattel has announced that they are conducting a nationwide search (in the United States of America) for a Chief UNO Player. 

Besides the amazing appeal of the job, which involves playing and promoting the release of their new game, UNO Quatro, and more, there is the salary that is quite inviting. 

"The chosen applicant will be paid $4,444 a week for four weeks to play UNO Quatro with strangers in New York City and create social media content featuring the new game." (CNN) That amounts to R83,000 a week, for a full month. 

UNO Quatro combines the skill of matching colours and numbers as you would in the original UNO game, with the added challenge of getting four in a row.

You can purchase the game at the popular toy store Toys R Us for R379.90.

Check out how to play below, courtesy of YouTube

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"We’re thrilled to offer a position to the ultimate Uno player to help introduce our brand-new game, Uno Quatro, to the world,” said Ray Adler, the global head of games at Mattel, in a statement. (CNN)

Any person over the age of 18 can apply for the position as long as they fulfil the job requirements. One of which is to be able to sit for long periods of time and to be able to carry 22kg or more (for setting up the games). 

A lovely job offer for those in the States, if only we had more of these in South Africa. For now, we can appreciate UNO Quatro as a great gift option and for a fun family game night. 

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