Can anybody really say Worcestershire sauce?

Can anybody really say Worcestershire sauce?

Vic Naidoo asks KZN what words they struggle to pronounce.


It's common knowledge that some words are easier to pronounce and wrap your tongue around than others.

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Others are called tongue twisters for a reason, but most times a word may seem simple when reading it, like 'sixth', but it gets all messed up when you try to say it out loud.

Sometimes a word can be so intimidating that we might avoid using it completely! Even famous actors, who make their living talking, have certain words they just can't figure out.

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Vic and Rory also went through the top 10 most mispronounced words. Which lead Vic to realise he had been pronouncing one word wrong his whole life.

Listen below to find out what words KZN struggles with:

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