Breastmilk lattes, anyone?

Breastmilk lattes, anyone?

A Russian cafe has announced its plans to introduce breastmilk-infused lattes...

A barista serving up some coffee with artistic flower design
A barista serving up some coffee with artistic flower design/Pexels

We've heard that breastfeeding is best when it comes to feeding your newborn baby. 

In fact, we have even heard of a crazy story that allegedly said a man was being breastfed by his mother on his wedding day. Absurd, yes!

But now breastmilk has come under fire on the internet for another reason. 

"A cafe in the Russian city of Perm has been getting a lot of attention after announcing plans to introduce a controversial breast milk-infused latte on its menu." (Oddity Central)

A cafe chain called Coffee Smile based in Perm, Russia announced their intentions to include the controversial ingredient into their lattes and cappuccinos through the use of posters. 

Coffee Smile owner Maxim Kobelev made an announcement after the posters blew up on social media. He shared that his cafes would be using "genuine breastmilk stored in special, pharmacy-grade bags".

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The plan is to get the milk from breastfeeding mothers who are vetted medically. 

"Kobelev even assures would-be customers that the mothers supplying the breast milk are all tested to ensure the safe consumption of the product, adding that only about 40-45 doses of breast milk-infused drinks will be served in the beginning, with plans to ramp up production to about 1,000 products by the end of the year." (Oddity Central)

The price of one drink is $8 (R158). 

So, the question is, would you try it?

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