Boat crew rescues kitten from the sea

Boat crew rescues kitten from the sea

There are many strange creatures that can be found in the oceans, but this was the most unexpected catch of them all!


An Alabama fishing crew probably never even thought about the possibility of catching a little furry friend so far out at sea.

Their fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico, near Perdido Pass, soon turned into a rescue mission as they saw the small creature struggling in the water.

Talk about the right place at the right time.

Although having no idea how the animal could have ended up there, they jumped to its rescue without a second thought.

These days the kitten is living its best life. 

It's currently living with owner and operator of Still Flying Charters, Steve Crews.

And although the little guy doesn't have a name yet, there is no lack of inspiration with suggestions following a very aquatic theme.

Examples include Nemo, Shark Bait, and even Salty.

Whatever name it ends up with, hopefully it'll never have to go near water again.

Main image courtesy of Still Flyin Charters Facebook

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