Blind date goes wrong when she takes too many selfies

Blind date goes wrong when she takes too many selfies

Dating in the age of social media and vanity is not easy...

Woman taking selfies at a restaurant
Woman taking selfies at a restaurant/TikTok Screenshot/@raisinsaini

A young woman who uses her TikTok to share content about dating, health, and overall lifestyle shared a controversial video. 

In the video, she is seated at a restaurant and she is on a blind date. 

We don't see her date, but we see her with her phone. She has a ring light attachment on the phone for taking selfies. 

The date tells her that she has some serious hardware there and she begins telling him more about it. 

Things quickly go south when she continues to try and find the best angle to take her selfie. 

And the date, well, he gets nasty fast. He doesn't hold back and starts insulting her. 

He goes as far as to say: "Only way this date would be better is if I was blind". (TikTok)

WATCH what happened below, courtesy of TikTok

@raisinsaini Anyway the right light is @VibrantGlow if anyone is curious 🫠 (linked on my amazon in bio) #blinddate #dateheleft #stoodup #raisinsaini #indianaccent #pov #datingstorytime #datingfails #datingishard ♬ original sound - Raisin Saini

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Now as much as we know that she is dramatising the dating world with her videos, her video touches on something very relatable in this day and age. 

The need to post everything on social media. Which isn't the ideal thing to share with someone you have just met on a date. 

It gives us 'vane' vibes and that's not cool. 

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