Awkward! Man mistakes another concertgoer for his wife

Awkward! Man mistakes another concertgoer for his wife

Funny case of mistaken identity...

Man holds woman's arm at concert
Man holds woman's arm at concert/TikTok Screenshot/@eryngibbs

At a Tom Jones concert in Cardiff, Wales, a woman who felt someone hold her around the arm was left shocked. 

It isn't uncommon for people to get all touchy-feely at concerts, but this was most definitely an innocent and slightly embarrassing mistake. 

In a video that was shared to TikTok by the woman's niece, Eryn, we see her standing and enjoying Tom Jones singing 'Sex Bomb'. 

And then she gets shocked by the presence of a hand on her arm, which then moves to her mid-back. She looks at the man who is focused on videoing Tom Jones on stage. 

She doesn't push his hand away but just giggles and laughs it off with her family. 

Of course, this was not the funniest part of it all. 

The humour escalated when he noticed her family giggling and then whispered something in her ear, before noticing that he was holding the woman next to his wife. 

Innocently, he retracts his hand quickly and tries to gesture that his wife is standing next to her and he made a mistake. 

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Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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