#AskAParent: Should I send my daughter back to school?

#AskAParent: Should I send my daughter back to school?

This week’s concerned parent is looking for advice about school reopening during this pandemic. 

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Every week on ask a parent we try and sort  out your parenting issues and this week we have  Mike who is unsure about sending his daughter back to school. 

Howzit Vic

So this week I got a letter from my toddler’s school saying that they are disinfecting the premises and they will be ready to welcome back kids to school in the next three weeks.

I’m not sure about sending my daughter back to school during this pandemic but she is also going to be starting Grade 1 next year and I don’t want her to get left behind. What should I do?

Mike in Newcastle

Are you ready to send your child back to school, why or why not?

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