Are you a cheap or just frugal?

Are you a cheap or just frugal?

There is a difference between being frugal and saving money, and being straight up cheap.


Have you decided to cut your own hair, because who needs to pay someone money for cutting hair?

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Or maybe you have no issue spending money on yourself, but you don't really spend a lot on the people in your life.

Well, don't worry, we all just want to get by and save a few coins here and there.

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To some people, it might seem "cheap", but so what?

We promise we won't judge and we also won't tell anyone.

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Vic Naidoo does enjoy the finer things in life, but he himself has admitted to being "cheap" when it comes to one thing, and one thing only.

Take a listen to find out what Vic ALWAYS saves money on, maybe you'll even agree with him.

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