Apple iOS 17 digital ID feature to be more useful

Apple iOS 17 digital ID feature to be more useful

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Black gray Apple iPhone 5s
Black gray Apple iPhone 5s/Pexels/Mateusz Dach

The future of convenience is something that is slowly but surely becoming a part of our lives. 

Using our very popular and always on-hand accessory, the smartphone in the most efficient way is a reality that we cannot escape. 

And when it comes to Apple, this is about taking full advantage of having everything accessible to you through your iPhone. 

Cue in the Digital ID. 

Even though this feature was introduced two years ago, it sadly did not receive much growth. 

"Most of the blame for this can be laid at the feet of state governments, as they’re the ones that need to get on board with issuing driver’s licenses and other IDs in an iPhone-friendly form." (idropnews)

Although many states have committed to the rollout of using digital IDs, not much more has been shared on their plans.

Residents of the four American states that do use the digital ID are able to use them only at airport security checkpoints. 

And as much as that sounds pretty incredible, only four airports house the technology that is required to accept digital ID forms. 

"Such limitations mean there isn’t much demand for Digital IDs yet, which puts less pressure on politicians and government regulators to implement these systems. 

However, the good news is that Apple plans to expand the usefulness of Digital IDs in iOS 17 by empowering businesses to use them for customer verification." (idropnews)

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Now this is only just being rolled out in the US, so it may take some time to implement in other countries. 

According to Apple, businesses will be able to accept IDs via their iPhone Apple Wallet. The iPhone itself can be used as a scanning device. 

"One of the best things about Apple’s Digital ID implementation is that you can present your personal information selectively, sharing only what’s necessary for the transaction.

The whole point of a digital identity card is that it can be verified electronically." (idropnews)

If you are interested to find out it all works, read more about how to add your ID or driver's licence to your iPhone

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