Apparently, there is such a thing as too much wine

Apparently, there is such a thing as too much wine

France has too much wine. So much so that winemakers are being paid to destroy leftovers. 

A room filled with wine barrels
A room filled with wine barrels/Pexels/@Laker

We never thought the day would come when there would be a reason worthy enough to destroy wine. 

But it seems that there is a reason worthy enough and it is the very reason that will push people to want to drink more wine.

"France is about to destroy enough wine to fill more than 100 Olympic-size swimming pools. And it’s going to cost the nation about $216 million." (Washington Post)

That's a massive amount of money to pour down the drain, that's over four-billion in Rand terms - R4,068,597,600!

This is after the demand has died down in many parts of the world. And to think at one point keeping wine stocks was considered a good investment, the older the wine the better the quality and the heftier the price. 

"Making wine is getting more expensive due in part to recent world events, and people are drinking less of it. That has left some producers with a surplus that they cannot price high enough to make a profit." (Washington Post)

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Essentially, the French government is giving winemakers large sums of money to destroy their wine. 

"Producers will use the funds to distill their wine into pure alcohol to be used for other products, such as cleaning supplies or perfume." (Washington Post


Of course, this has some people up in arms because it is being said that this money is also meant for farmers to destroy their crops. But from what we have seen from news resources, the government is trying to help this industry transition the best way they can. 

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