Apparently, splitting the bill is considered rude to some

Apparently, splitting the bill is considered rude to some

Now this one is debatable, but is it reason enough to not tip your server for asking if you would like to split the bill?

Waiter taking order for couple at restaurant
Waiter taking order for couple at restaurant/Pexels/@Yan Krukau

It's not the first time and we doubt it will be the last time that a waiter won't get tipped by a patron. 

The difference is that as much as many understand that tipping is a standard practice in most countries, others believe that it is based on the service you receive.

One person who claimed to be a waitress and wrote a post on Reddit shared that she was refused a tip by her guests. 

She shared that her guests refused to tip her as they felt she was rude for asking if they wanted to split the bill. 

Now, we don't think there is anything wrong with asking, because we live in a time where that is completely acceptable. No longer is it only the responsibility of the male or female to pay. Well, at least we thought so...

But it seems it offended the couple. And that was the very reason they chose not to tip her. 

"The receipt’s subtotal amounted to $65.80 — and there’s a 'strikethrough' present in the space where customers typically list how much they’re tipping. 'No tip because it was very rude to ask my wife and I if we wanted separate checks,' a handwritten note says on the receipt’s right side." (New York Post)

The Reddit user shared that the restaurant required servers to find out how customers were going to pay before actually printing the receipt/bill. 

And due to the large age difference between the couple, she didn't think the couple were married. 

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As awkward as it might be to ask, perhaps it should be standard practice to ask something along the lines of, "How will you be paying today?" or "Would you require a split or single bill?". 

However, there's no guarantee that these may work, but it's definitely a less intrusive way of asking. 

What we can say for sure is that nothing is finite anymore, stereotypes are still thriving but they don't always come with a manual. 

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