EXCLUSIVE: Take a listen as girl in video pays back the money!

EXCLUSIVE: Take a listen as girl in video pays back the money!

It made social media and news headlines on Tuesday morning when a restaurant owner shared CCTV footage of a young couple caught doing a “runner” and not paying their tab which came to R 1 300! Simon Carter got the chance to chat to the owner of the video as well as the girl in the video.

Cape Town couple

When I first logged online in the morning I came across this video but didn’t bother clicking on it. It was only during Jane’s show that I heard her talking about this crazy couple walking out on a huge bill that I realised I needed to check it out. You can imagine my shock when I saw the video and how many times it had been viewed. By the time I’d finished chatting to the restaurant owner and the girl in the video it had already been viewed over 600 000 times. It’s safe to say the post had gone viral. I was shocked at how nonchalant the couple seemed in the clip.


The original post from restaurant owner Celeste Perry with the video footage asking for people on facebook to identify the culprits has since been taken down, I suspect that is due to legal reasons. The girl in the video, Sacha Geere chatted to us about how negative the comments were. The boy in the video, yet to be found has “fallen off the face of the earth,” and “he’s known in the area as a womaniser and does this a lot.”


Sacha Geere saw the post, as did her brother in San Francisco (news travels fast) and immediately made contact with Celeste and #paidbackthemoney. All is well, for now.


Celeste has issued an apology for posting the footage but promises to not press criminal charges. Sacha on the other hand has had legal advice and may pursue her options.


I managed to chat to them both and this is what they had to say.

Here is the original video, take a look for yourself.

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