Lubz finally conquers his fear of snakes

Lubz finally conquers his fear of snakes

It was a sssssscary situation for Lubz during his recent show when he came face-to-face with something that he had feared for the longest time. 

UK-born Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillet from the hit series, Snakes in the City - which airs on National Geographic, came into studio last week to pay us a visit. 

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During the interview, they shed some light on their lives and chatted about hunting dangerous snakes, as well as having their own little 'animal farm' at home. 

The highlight of the interview was when Lubz finally got over his long-lasting fear of snakes by Erin literally cornering him in the studio. Eek! 

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In case you missed it, take a listen to the interview in the podcast below:

Thanks Simon and Siouxsie for dropping by. What a great experience! 

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