Wine, dine, and horse ride your way through Noordhoek’s dreamy scenery

Wine, dine, and horse ride your way through Noordhoek’s dreamy scenery

Fancy horse riding on the shore, or strolling through lush vineyards? In Noordhoek, you can do both. Discover paradise on the Cape Peninsula...


Romantic dreams turn into reality in Noordhoek. This quiet hideaway on the Cape Peninsula has only the finest things to offer in life. Think long walks on white sandy beaches, horseback riding, decadent wines, and farm stalls filled with the freshest local produce. This laidback suburb is a vision of its own.

GO: A little more than 30 minutes from the city of Cape Town lies sunlit Noordhoek. Carved out of the cliffs of Table Mountain National Park is the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive, providing a panoramic route into the neighbourhood.

SEE: Take in sublime views of the area from Cape Point Vineyards with a glass of wine in hand. Picnickers and foodies frequent this fabulous venue for its manicured lawns, award-winning beverages, and seafood fresh from the West Coast.

Just two minutes away, The Farm Village caters to every age and personality with its wide range of eateries and entertainment. With live music and an open playground for kids, it embodies the essence of Noordhoek living.

Next door, fluffy alpacas at Ohio Farm thrive in the peaceful atmosphere. Though a private venue, its occasional open day is a treat for animal lovers.

DO: No trip down the peninsula is complete without a stop at Noordhoek Beach. The idyllic eight-kilometre stretch separates the suburb from the Atlantic Ocean, beckoning to all who catch sight of it. But walking isn’t the only way to get around on this shore. The Dunes horseback riding stables offer eager adventurers the chance to canter through the icy waters on the back of a majestic stallion.

Ethereal in appearance, Noordhoek offers unparalleled relaxation for all. Whether you’re more inclined to the seaside or the country, there’s something here for everyone. This suburb's sweet pleasures will render you spellbound.


Nestled below Chapman’s Peak, this little suburb is a vision of romance.

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