"That was probably my biggest regret!"

"That was probably my biggest regret!"

Buyer's remorse always decides to pop up a little too late.


Studies have shown that 82% of people report feeling guilty or regretful after making a purchase.

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And it doesn't have to be something major or expensive either, it can happen after buying an ice-cream!

Buyer's remorse is a very real thing and ultimately it is a form of something called cognitive dissonance, which leads to mental discomfort that's been caused by your conflicting attitudes and beliefs.

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Basically, when you want to buy something you go through so many thoughts and feelings that you keep questioning your decision after you have spent the money.

Sometimes no matter how much you try to justify your purchase, you just can't shake that feeling of absolute regret.

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Today, Minnie Ntuli heard the digital producer mention her latest purchase and how much it cost.

Although she feels no regret about her purchase, Minnie was shocked and felt the regret on her behalf!

Listen below to find out more about the mystery purchase, as well as KZN's biggest shopping regrets:

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