Minnie Ntuli's first paycheck was only 50 cents!

Minnie Ntuli's first paycheck was only 50 cents!

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.


As ABBA so wonderfully put it: "Money must be funny in a rich man's world..."

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But no matter your financial situation now, you can probably think back to a time where you might have found yourself in one of these scenarios.

Have you ever had to pamper a family member with back scratches or massages?

Did you ever do chores around the house as a kid?


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And did you do it all for free?

Probably not, because your parents might have tried to bribe you with a nice little R2 coin for your efforts.

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That's why Minnie Ntuli asked KZN: "What is the very first thing you did for money?"

Which isn't necessarily your first job, it might be something completely different!

Take a listen to find out how much Minnie earned for all her efforts:

For more unmissable moments, listen here:

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