A magical escape to the countryside: spilling the secrets of Swellendam

A magical escape to the countryside: Spilling the secrets of Swellendam

As one of the world’s biggest youngberry producers, summer in Swellendam is always fruitful.

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Life isn’t a race. It should be relished like a freshly picked berry or melting sunset. In Swellendam, you can savour the bliss of the present moment. Once a rest stop for travellers, this countryside has grown into an enchanting retreat. 

GO: Drive two and a half hours from Cape Town to the foot of the Langeberg mountains. Nestled in the sprawling Overberg region, Swellendam is one of the oldest towns in South Africa. 

SEE: Established in the mid-18th century, it's now a treasure trove of local history. At the Drostdy Museum, admire antiques and discover how early settlers turned the empty meadows into a flourishing community. Lush gardens wrap this historical site, leading visitors through the Old Gaol as well as a tool exhibition at Ambagswerf. 

If you’re searching for something sweet, Bee Things has it on tap. Supplying locally and sustainably sourced honey, visitors can taste over eight different kinds here. A fun family outing, active hives on display allow kids to watch these insects hard at work. 

Lose yourself in magical splendour at the Continent of Sulina, a sanctuary of fairy and angel sculptures. Marvel at the dazzling creations of the Sulin family in these gardens, and even take one of their characters home from the Faerie-nuf Gallery. 

DO: At Bukkenburg Pottery Studio, the otherworldly wonder continues. Get your hands dirty shaping a quirky breakfast bowl, or learn the tricks of the trade from clay masters David Schlapobersky and Felicity Potter in a private workshop. 

From November to January, the landscape blushes with plump fruits. The youngberry capital of the world, Swellendam’s fields supply almost 90% of the globe’s produce. Grab a basket and pick your own at the Berry Guest Farm

Indulge in Italian cuisine with an African twist at Tredici. Here, the delectable aromas of freshly-baked pastries and artisanal coffee waft onto the patio, the ideal place to reminisce on the day’s delights. 

From mystical fairy gardens to luscious berry farms, Swellendam’s charm is irresistible. Stroll through this spellbinding countryside, and soak up life’s simple pleasures.

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