Google announces new feature for searching music

Google announces new feature for searching music

Finally we will no longer have to try and remember song lyrics!

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Do you remember all those times you had a song stuck in your head and you wanted to know who the artist was?

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Or maybe you want to tell someone about this song?

The only problem is: you can't remember any of the lyrics so you can't use trusty Google to find it again!

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Well, Google has some great news.

No longer will you be stuck with no way of finding your answer.

From today you will be able to hum the song you're searching for!

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The feature will be added to its search tools from today so you will find the song using a basic tune.

Watch below to find out more:

By asking the Google Assistant the feature will be available to any iOS and Android users.

Thank you, Google, for once again saving the day!

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