Controversial fish statues cause backlash in Morocco

Controversial fish statues cause backlash in Morocco

WARNING: This story contains images some may find disturbing. Please read at your own discretion.


The fish statues were said to resemble male genitalia after pictures made it onto social media.

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While many saw this as the perfect opportunity to make some jokes, most people were not happy with the "art".

The statue was placed in Mehdia, near Kenitra in west-central Morocco, after the locals asked authorities for reform in the city.

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And they were incredibly disappointed when this is what was delivered.

Luckily for the sculptor, their identity has remained anonymous.

But unfortunately, workers have been sent to remove and dismantle the statues.

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Officers have also since chosen to disassociate themselves from the controversy by issuing a statement saying that the town of Kenitra has no relation to this situation.

Either way it the very fishy situation has since been resolved.

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