#BadMomsClub: "I've been blocked on Facebook!"

#BadMomsClub: "I've been blocked on Facebook!"

The best place for the best bad advice for moms always comes from the Bad Moms Club, consisting of the hilarious Thenjiwe.

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Every Friday morning, Minnie poses a question or problem that needs solving from a mom in KZN.

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The WhatsApp and phone lines are opened so we can all contribute towards a responsible, mature, and sustainable solution.  

However, because it’s a Friday and we need some fun and laughter too (and not just boring, responsible, and mature solutions), the Bad Moms Club is called upon to offer some of the best bad advice around!

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The Bad Moms Club is made up of the hilarious Thenjiwe, who is super famous on social media for offering the best bad advice in South Africa.

Thenjiwe is a lawyer-turned-comedian and is one of the most highly-recognised and popular South African stand-up comedians on the road today. Follow her hilarity here.

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If you’re a mom and have a problem you would like KZN and The Bad Moms Club to help with, email [email protected]

Today, one desperate mother needs some bad social media advice:

Hi Bad Moms Club,

My 14-year-old daughter refuses to accept me on any of her social media platforms. 

She has gone so far as to block me on Facebook, so I can’t even find her profile. Is this normal? 

How do I deal with it? What should I say to her? 

Please help me, Bad Moms Club!

Listen below to find out what amazing and hilarious advice Thenjiwe and KZN had to offer:

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