#BigFavour: A birthday surprise fit for a princess

#BigFavour: A birthday surprise fit for a princess

Damon received an email from Louis and Shani Hazelhurst telling him about 19-year-old Gabby, a brave young lady they’d had the chance to meet who had really touched their hearts.

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Gabby has a condition called Ilven - inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal Nevus.  

It is a skin disorder which has resulted in her scratching since the day she was born. The epidermal virus is now even growing in her eyes. She walks with great difficulty, has no vision in one eye, and her legs are very weak. Although she’s had to leave school, her principal has said she can visit any class, any day she wants. 

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Gabby wants nothing more than to be a princess for a day.  So, Grant Oosthuizen from GMO Photography, who attended school with her at Open Air School, arranged a surprise photoshoot for Gabby where Shani from Zeit Models dressed her up in a princess dress. Her birthday is on the 11th of August and we wanted to make her feel like the true princess she is.

Markus Fritz (The Hilton Durban General Manager) and his team will be making Gabby’s dream come true on her birthday. A spectacular high tea for Gabby and 10 of her friends. It will be arranged in one of the finest suites at the Hilton Durban.

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Markus and his team will also be spoiling her with a magnificent birthday cake. Gabby and a friend of her choice, together with her mom and dad, will also be accommodated overnight, have dinner in the beautiful Vasco’s restaurant, and enjoy a hearty breakfast the next morning. Everything fit for a princess.

Thank you to all those involved in bringing sunshine back into Gabby's life and making her birthday special. 

Photographer for Zeit Models, Elize Cordeiro Knott from Hexi Photography, will also be covering Gabby’s birthday treat and capturing some magical memories through her lens. 

You can contact Elize on 071 485 5526 or email: [email protected]. Visit their Facebook Page: Hexi Photography.


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