#BigFavour: Bobbi Bear - A child's lifeline

#BigFavour: Bobbi Bear - A child's lifeline

Bobbi Bear has been in existence for over 20 years, and although the organisation were donated a beautiful home, its volunteers and staff still have to keep it running - with no guaranteed funding or government assistance.

26 July - Bobi Bear

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Their doors have been kept open by the incredible contributions of members of the community and various companies. Every single month creates an enormous amount of stress. Despite this stress, Eureka and her team carry on rescuing children from the worst conditions.

These children are living on dump sites and surviving diarrhoea, vomiting, nits and lice, throat infections, ear infections, night terrors, fear of people, fear of the dark, dehydration, bronchial pneumonia, and deep psychological problems, and behind the scenes, Eureka and her team are ensuring there are countless linen changes, tackling piles of dishes, keeping sick children in quarantine so they can heal, and rushing these little children to doctors, their court cases, and to psychologists or the district surgeon when they’ve been raped.

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Bobbi Bear is an emergency safe house where abandoned and abused children are kept safe and are looked after for a night, a few weeks or even years, depending on their case. The aim of the organisation is to rescue, represent, and reintegrate raped and sexually-abused children, to minimise their risk of HIV/AIDS, and to help them towards wholeness.

Bobbi Bear struggles to keep the home going and are currently needing help with the following:

  1. The home’s vehicles are desperately needing a service, requiring brake pads and tyres. 
  2. Food / nappies / basic groceries
  3. Doctors / Psychologist bills need to be paid.
  4. Stationery – all the printers need cartridges/paper, etc. 
  5. Long-term children need to go to school… so funds are required to cover school fees
  6. Cell phone costs (airtime) – the home are on call 24/7 for crises cases and travel from Tongaat on the north coast to Port Shepstone on the South Coast – Umlazi/Isipingo/ inland to Pietermaritzburg and Folweni to Kwamakhuta 
  7. Insurance on the home
  8. Tracker on all the cars as the team goes into very dangerous areas.
  9. Funds to pay for a qualified caregiver (R5500.00 per month)  

As soon as The Outriders Social Dirtbike Club (0824124907 - Rod) heard about the plight of the Bobbi Bear Foundation, they jumped on board to help – and this isn’t the first time this fantastic team of people has helped the Big Favour.  

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They’re always ready to help those less fortunate, and once again they’ve committed to helping the Bobbi Bear Foundation in the following way:

  1. Complete service and spares replacement on the cars. 
  2. R2000 towards new tyres.
  3. R2000 in petrol vouchers. 
  4. R5000 in food vouchers.
  5. R2000 worth of stationery. 
  6. R6500 to pay off medical expenses. 
  7. R2000 meat.
  8. The Outriders Wives Club are giving six months’ worth of wet wipes /nappies /peanut butter /bread and jam.

Isn’t this amazing?! 

If you would like to get involved with the Bobbi Bear Foundation and Outriders Club, please head along this Saturday, 28 July 2018, to Ashley Sport Club and join them at The Outriders 2 Wheel Dirt Festival, supported by Liqui Moly & Michelin.  

An awesome day out for Dirtbike, Adventure bike, and Mountain bike enthusiasts. There will be show specials, plenty of give-away prizes, a beer tent, live music, demonstrations, activities, and cool entertainment for the kids.


If you’re able to offer any help to Bobbi Bear,  please contact Eureka Olivier on:

Bobbi Bear

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