#BigFavour: KZN resident in desperate need gets relief

#BigFavour: KZN resident in desperate need gets relief

Chantel wrote into the Big Favour to tell us about her cousin Melanie who lives in the rural area of Darnall on the North Coast of KZN. Melanie is in desperate need of a wheelchair and the Big Favour grants her with more than just that.

big favour 21 june
Damon Beard

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Melanie has been through an awful time. Kidney problems, then a stroke, then gout, and then in January, she lost her eldest daughter of only 11 years old to Meningitis.

Melanie’s health has deteriorated and she can no longer use her legs as her feet have now turned inwards.

She can’t even get to the bathroom on her own and relies on her young son to carry her, or she crawls along the floor.

Desperate, Chantel and her family found an old office chair on wheels that they gave Melanie to use so that she can move about.

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A wheelchair is just out of their budget.

The universe has a strange way of bringing people together and only a week ago, I received a letter from Mrs Govender, a Durban resident who recently lost her Grandfather.

He’d bought a brand new wheelchair and after his passing, Mrs Govender and her family decided to donate it to the Big Favour in the hope it would change someone’s life.

That it certainly will do.

Melanie received her new wheelchair with the biggest smile on her face.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you a million times!

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