#BigFavour: South African swimmer gets to compete for his country

#BigFavour: South African swimmer gets to compete for his country

This week on the Big Favour, we help a South African swimmer compete abroad.

14 june big fav

Listen to this morning's #BigFavour as one deserving athlete turns his dreams into a reality below, or read the details under the podcast.

Josh Saunders, 22, is a competitive South African swimmer and lifesaver. He recently won his first national title in lifesaving and had been selected to represent the country in Australia at the end of the year. He will also be competing at the Sanyo International Cup in Japan next month.

Representing South Africa has been a huge dream of his for over 10 years now and although he’s had huge ups and downs in his sporting career and has almost had to walk away from the sport he loves due to finances – he now has the opportunity to wear the "green and gold" and represent South Africa.

Unfortunately, he lacks the funding and because the Sanyo International Cup in Japan is a self-funded trip … without being able to pay the R10,000 that’s owing – his trip will not happen.

Gillian, Morgan, and Charmaine from Lockhat Incorporated popped in yesterday to give Josh the good news.
They will be paying the R10,000 and Josh is on his way to Japan!

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