This is the world’s first 3D-printed community

This is the world’s first 3D-printed community

Brett Hagler is the co-Founder and CEO of New Story – an innovative non-profit that builds inclusive social housing

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There’s no place like home. Yet one billion people around the world have never known the security of a solid roof over their heads. With this number increasing every day, entrepreneur Brett Hagler was determined to end global homelessness. But he knew he had to think out of the box to tackle this enormous problem. His solution? A 3D printer.  

Whether the result of overpopulation, social inequality, or poverty, more than 20% of the world’s population lack adequate and safe shelter. “When you don’t have life’s most basic human needs, then all you can think about is trying to survive,” Hagler says. Traditional construction techniques can’t keep up with the demand for housing. Not only are established methods time consuming and labour intensive, but they are extremely costly, especially in regions where funds are already scarce.

Pioneering a solution to this crisis, Hagler co-founded New Story. The initiative has worked alongside governments and organisations in Haiti, El Salvador, and Guatemala to provide over 3 000 houses to people in need. But today, they are revolutionising the building industry with advanced 3D printing. Partnering with construction technology company ICON, the team utilises a machine that prints 500-square-foot houses in just 24 hours. Capable of producing custom, affordable shelter with less waste, the printer has the potential to close the housing gap once and for all.  

Hagler and his team have even begun developing the first ever 3D-printed community in Tabasco, Mexico. Consisting of 50 resilient homes, their goal is to provide lower-income families with the foundations to thrive. “It is our aim to not let this project stop until all human rights are met,” Hagler says. Whether it’s been plastered, hammered, or printed, everyone deserves a home.

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