Woman plans to make her cheating ex to cry as much as she did

Woman hatches plan to bring ex to tears

When a woman found out that her cheating ex was carrying on with life as normal after their break-up, she devised a plan to leave him in tears...

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Everyone handles break-ups differently. Some people delete everything that reminds them of their ex and move on quickly, while others hold on to everything and spend time trying to heal.

One woman who was dumped by the boyfriend she dated for one year, was left heartbroken after she found out that he was allegedly cheating on her. 

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Their break-up hit her hard and she spent three days crying over him.

However, things changed when she heard from mutual friends that he was continuing with life as normal, and she decided to teach him a lesson. The woman, known by her surname Zhao, sent a large lorry to the man's address with a note which read: "I've cried for three days, now it's your turn."

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What was inside the lorry? One ton of onions. The onion drop-off was captured on social media at his home in Shandong, China, according to the Daily Mail. The driver's instructions were to 'dump the onions at the front door', no easy task since it took him four hours to do.

We're not sure if her method was effective, but it was original.

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