Whoa! MASSIVE python discovered in China!

Whoa! MASSIVE python discovered in China!

Imagine casually walking and seeing this ahead of you? Terrifying!

boa snake china

Can you imagine the fright a tea farmer got when she was picking leaves in her garden in Southeast China and not only came across a massive boa constrictor but was bitten by it too!

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The video was uploaded to the People's Daily, China Youtube channel and I was pretty terrified when I saw the sheer length of this serpent.

Although the python is 3.6 meters in length, it is not venomous and is a protected species in China. However, it was enough to give this poor woman the fright of her life.

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Seeing its massive mouth is enough to send you running in any direction possible!

The boa was later released by the local police back into the wild. Eek!

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