What would you ask the universe to explain?

What would you ask the universe to explain?

If you could have one answer to any mystery of the universe, what would it be?


We live in a mysterious world and in mysterious times.

Do you ever stop to think about world events that just don't have answers and wish you knew what had happened?

Things like the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that just literally disappeared off the face of the earth?

Princess Diana's death, maybe? There's been speculation and controversy around that story for two decades.

Madeleine McCann - the young girl who disappeared while on holiday with her parents Gerry and Kate in Portugal?

What about the Bermuda Triangle, the pyramids, Stonehenge in England?

How did certain things get to be the way they are? 

Where are these people, planes, and ships that have just disappeared?

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The list just goes on and on...

For me, I'd like to know what really happened to MH370 or if Madelaine McCann is safe.

I forgot - only one answer.

Mine would be: Where is Madelaine McCann and what really happened?

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