Watch: Toddlers ride python in Indonesia

Watch: Toddlers ride python in Indonesia

A video from Indonesia shows two little girls happily riding on one of the world's largest snakes - with no fear in sight. 

Little girls ride python
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As if the sight of a giant python isn’t enough, two little girls in Indonesia have astounded social media users by giggling as they were recorded hitching a ride on the snake's back. 

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The snake is believed to be a Reticulated Python, one of longest and heaviest in the world!

Since the video was posted, the clip has racked up nearly three-million views and although non-venomous, cases of people being killed by this type of snake have been documented. The snake is able to open its jaw wide enough to swallow a human. Crazy!

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All I can say is, you need to see it to believe it:

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