Watch: Snake 'tries to open' race car shop door

Watch: Snake 'tries to open' race car shop door

The staff at a NASCAR race shop were recently greeted at their entrance with something which left them a bit surprised.

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There is just something about snakes that keeps many of us coming back to watch videos and see photos of them in the weirdest places. But have you ever heard of a snake trying to 'open' a door?

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According to Indian Express, the staff of a NASCAR race car shop in North Carolina, USA were taken aback when they saw a black snake coiled around the handle of the shop's entrance, trying to get in. 

Former American football coach and current NASCAR Championship team owner, Joe Gibbs, took to his Facebook page to share the video captioned: "NOPE! We need a new race shop. Tear it down, we’re out." Since posted, it has already been viewed over 1.5-million times. 

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We're not sure about you, but if we spotted this while passing by, there's no chance in hell that we would attempt opening this door!

Watch the video below:

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