Watch: Snake shows off its acrobatic skills on wire fence

Watch: Snake shows off its acrobatic skills on wire fence

This snake took the ordinary way of slithering and turned it completely upside down.

snake circus skills

You’d expect to come across a snake slithering through a tree, right? On the ground under some leaves or hiding in your garage? Maybe lying on a flat wall getting some sun? But you would never expect it to be slithering around like a balancing act in a circus... 

A Tasmanian tiger snake in Australia is confusing the hell out of people after it was caught on video moving ever so elegantly along a fence on a farm based in Tasmania.

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I don't have a problem with snakes, but I definitely wouldn't want to be caught hanging out with one. I have a colleague that hates them to the point where he can't even look at pictures or videos of them. Eek!  

Give credit where credit is due – this snake balancing on a thin strand of wire must have serious abs and do some serious core workouts to be able to balance like this. Maybe it was trying to prepare for the Olympics?

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