Watch: Schoolboys break it down using uniquely South African dance moves
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Watch: Schoolboys break it down using uniquely South African dance moves

"If you've had a hard week, you'll be glad to know that there's a video to help you ring in the weekend," says Damon Beard.

vosho kids dancing pic
School kids dancing the vosho / Instagram

Dancing has many benefits, and whether you’re doing it to release some pent-up energy or to just show someone else that you have all the right moves, it can also be incredibly captivating. 

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There’s also something extraordinary about two people dancing together, whether it’s with someone you love, or with a complete stranger.

There’s a video doing the rounds with the caption: "We Fixing South Africa, One Dance at a Time....",  and it’s spectacular! It has everything you could want for your Friday, helping you end off a long week.

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The video shows two young boys of different cultures finding a sense of unity using uniquely South African dance moves, and, most of all, with loads of laughter, inspiration, and motivation as they become lost in the trance of the dance.

At the end of the dance-off, it is clear who the winner is as one of them bows down to the other. Absolutely fantastic!

This is what the term 'Friday Feeling' should look like. 

Watch below:

When I showed my producer the video, she completely lost it in hysterics and began busting out a few moves of her own. 

She told me about a South African dance move that she was reminded of when watching this clip. It was coined by South African footballer Thuso Phala, who plays for SuperSport United.

His dances move went viral back in May last year when he was caught on video celebrating a victory. This was when the 'Thuso Phala Challenge' was born.

Phala is the 'heartbeat of United's locker room', as reported by Soccer Laduma, and by the looks of it, we can see why. 

Check it out below:

Naturally, South African citizens jumped on the challenge and attempted the viral challenge. Notable mention goes out to this guy who was seen busting out a few moves while stuck in traffic. 

Love it! 

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