Watch: Red-bellied snake found hiding under child's toys

Watch: Red-bellied snake found hiding under child's toys

Of all the toys you would expect to find in a child's room, this is not something you would want to spot... ever!

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Facebook / Andrew's SNAKE Removal

Okay, you are probably pretty tired of seeing videos of snakes, but trust me, this one is bound to freak you out, especially if you have kids. A video of a snake coiled up inside the unlikeliest of places has gone viral on social media. 

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In this case, a venomous red-bellied black snake wasn’t removed from a shed or behind the washing machine, but instead it was found coiled up under a toddler's pile of toy animals.

The video, which was uploaded to a Facebook page called 'Andrew's Snake Removal', showed the reptile catcher going into a little girl's room filled with toy animals and attempting to remove the snake. It was seen neatly coiled up, hiding away from human contact. The father of the toddler spotted the snake making its way across a window. 

Dentec Pest reports that this type of snake is commonly spotted on the East Coast of Australia. It is also to be noted that although the snake is not considered to be dangerous, a bite from the serpent could leave you in severe pain.

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Thankfully, in this case, the little girl was not in her room, and it was removed and placed in an area of safety. Perhaps this guy saw the pile of toys and just wanted to play along? Either way, this is not something that you would want to find hiding in your child's room!

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