Watch: Mom called out for dunking her toddler's head in toilet

Watch: Mom called out for dunking her toddler's head in toilet

A mom from Leesburg, USA is receiving heat on social media after a video of her playing a 'prank' on her son made the rounds. It has caused quite the stir, with many calling her actions borderline abuse.

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Listen as KZN responds to Damon about the mom dunking her son's head in the toilet, or read the details under the podcast.

A video of a mom dunking her three-year-old son in a toilet has the internet very divided in their thoughts.

The mom of two from Florida, USA has now even received death threats over the video which, according to Orlando Sentinel, she claims was a joke. All she wanted to do was give him a 'swirly', which Urban Dictionary defines as: "The process of sticking someone's head in the toilet and flushing."

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Kaitlyn Wolf, the mom in the video, can be seen holding the little boy's hands while dunking his head into the flushing toilet. In the video, you can hear him shrieking, and at the end, another child responds with: "God, that's mean."

However, Wolf stands by what she did, saying that it was just a joke, and added that the child even asked for the 'swirly' again. I guess she forgot to get that on film, unfortunately. 

Watch the video of the incident below:

Misty McCormic is the woman who originally posted the video on social media. She is reported to be the daughter of Wolf's boyfriend. 

She uploaded the video to her Facebook page, and so far it has already received well over 427,000 views.

"Kaitlyn wolf is mother in video doing this to her child( her other 12 yr son is recording).... Not one to be petty but this is child abuse in my book and this b***h should be in jail #alexsnewgirl #childabuse #bulls**t #dcf #leesburgpolicedepartment," she captioned the video. 

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Taking to Facebook after the video was posted, she defends her actions of posting the video on social media, saying that all she wanted to do was protect the kids in question. An investigation is currently underway by the US Department of Children and Families.

How can holding a crying child by his arms and dunking his head into the toilet and flushing it be considered a joke? As much as I try to find the humour in this video, I just can’t. It's wrong, and there's a line between what's funny and what's wrong.

Do you think social media is overreacting even after this mom's statement, or are the actions of this mother completely unacceptable?

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