Watch: Massive python wraps itself around fisherman's ankle

Watch: Massive python wraps itself around fisherman's ankle

It took six minutes and some serious manpower to prevent a 27-foot python from biting a fisherman in Indonesia. 

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Snake around man's ankle / YouTube

A fisherman is lucky to be alive and to walk away without any serious injuries after coming up close and personal with a massive python. 

According to Mirror, the 27-foot reticulated python, which happens to be the longest snake in the world, was seen on camera wrapping itself around an Indonesian man's ankle. The incident took place in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

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The fisherman was out and about fishing when he stepped on what he thought was a log, only to find out that it was a massive python instead! 

It took six men to try to remove the almost 100kg snake from the man's leg to prevent it from biting him.

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Thankfully, their efforts were successful, and the snake eventually released its grip and was placed in a cage to be set free in the wild, far away from human contact - especially from any unsuspecting fishermen.

Watch the rescue mission below:

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