Watch: Massive King Cobra pulled from stream by snake expert

Watch: Massive King Cobra pulled from stream by snake expert

A brave snake expert from India caught a massive King Cobra with his bare hands. Eek! 

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King Cobra pulled out from stream / YouTube

If I saw a snake slithering through the grass or hanging out in a tree, I’d be the guy who back-pedals. If it was a four-and-a-half-metre-long King Cobra, never mind backing away... I’d be running frantically for my life!

Then you get this snake expert from India who decides to grab the terrifying serpent by its tail after finding it in a stream, and he doesn’t even flinch when he picks up the massive reptile.

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Times Live reports that the incident took place in Thiruvananthapuram, southern India. After residents spotted the serpent, they called up the snake expert to help rescue it. 

Locals were seen in the video keeping a safe distance as the brave man used his bare hands to pull the King Cobra from the stream and place it on dry land. 

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As I said before, I've never had an issue with snakes, but if I did spot one, I'm certainly not going near it.

Watch the rescue mission below:

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